Blog Reboot

So I am circling back around in the area in which I concentrate my efforts – modern cloud development – and rebooting my blog again. This time around I was more interested in why I want to do this. Why?

After moving into the latter third of my career, I am come to the sense of mortality. It is limited what I will be able to work on, it is limited what I will be able to advance in my field. If I passed tomorrow, my own children would be hard pressed to describe or understand my contribution on this earth in any fashion.

I would like to change the momentum on this. I would like to leave some breadcrumbs in my career for the three people who might potentially follow them. I suppose also I intend this time of focus to be more general, more inclusive, have more non-technical topics to do with people types of collaboration, and to help me journal and record what is going on around me.

To those three people this might be exciting. If you are outside of that target group and wander here, you might be looking for someone else whose name I share who is more accomplished. There are a few.

If you still are here to suffer through my musings on modern cloud development, welcome!!! I will try and make your journey entertaining and educational in some fashion.