One of the core areas and the prime focus of this website is my blog.  I will continue to endeavor to develop my voice and contribute to the community.

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I intend to develop mini-publications for sale.  My vision is to have a smaller target package combination of content, code, and possibly video demos, and wrap them in smaller packages at a lower cost than standard delivery systems like books at the length publishers put them out.  Stay tuned as this area develops

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Speaking and Training

I am a certified trainer.  I have also coordinated a couple of user groups in local areas around topics like SharePoint and .NET.   And I endeavor to speak regularly at events.

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To the Cloud!!!!


The direction of technology is forever changing.  Integrating cloud resources into your solution design and delivery is key to helping users in our connected world.

Solving user problems with integrated cloud solutions is something I’m passionate about!!!!!


Next Steps…

Enjoy the blog, browse the site, and get in touch if you would like.

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