My Story

This site and blog is Dave Milner’s personal workspace area for developing concepts, content, and prototypes.

Dave is a life-long software developer, starting out with languages such as Basic, Fortran and Mumps.

College led first to a Mathematics degree with a focus in statistics and a minor in computer science, with Rexx, PL/I, C++, COBOL.

Career first led to Unix oriented languages and tools, Bash, ksh, sed/awk, perl, c++, then Informix 4GL and Visual Basic.

Much of my career has been spent in the Microsoft stack, starting with Visual Basic, then ASP languages, then .NET from the beginnings through today where I focus on .NET Core and microservices with front-end ES6/JavaScript frameworks.

Besides sheer development work, I became involved in several Microsoft server products – SQL Server, Commerce Server, then SharePoint.  Through SharePoint, where I had the privilege to author a book and contribute to a couple more, I became exposed to Microsoft’s most complete shell language, PowerShell.

My current work is as an architect for Capgemini, helping financial service institutions implement secure cloud visions across North America.

Next Steps…

Enjoy my blog, take a look around at the other resources as I get the chance to build them up.   Thanks for visiting !!!  Get in touch if you would like.

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