One of the core areas and the prime focus of this website is my blog.  I will continue to endeavor to develop my voice and contribute to the community.


I intend to develop mini-publications for sale.  My vision is to have a smaller target package combination of content, code, and possibly video demos, and wrap them in smaller packages at a lower cost than standard delivery systems like books at the length publishers put them out.  Stay tuned as this area develops

Speaking and Training

I am a certified trainer.  I have also coordinated a couple of user groups in local areas around pertinent technology topics.   And I endeavor to speak regularly at events.


I am a cloud architect specializing in hybrid cloud solutions including multiple providers or hyperscalers.  This includes both infrastructure side and application side.  I provide assistance on a consulting basis to all kinds of projects, small and large.

Next Steps…

Enjoy the blog, browse the site, get in touch!!!

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